Vintage Fallen Comrades

Mixed-Media reproduction.  Buck-toothed being with a vintage cigarette machine torso kneeling before a cross head stone with a batch of balloons attached.

11"x14" Reproductions:
Reproductions are high resolution digital photo scans of Tai's Mixed-Media paintings created with spray paint, brush markers, wood, acrylic and cut-out drawings from the ·Tai·10, ·Tai·11, ·Tai·12 and ·Tai·13 series. Printed with high quality 12 color gamut archival inks on gallery quality fine art paper.

- proportionately printed w/ white border; title & artist name is printed below image w/ artists signature.
- 11x14 prints are sealed in a clear sleeve with recycled 1/8" archival backing.

Shipping & Ordering:
- Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. In most cases it'll arrive within 3-4 business days.
- single orders will ship USPS Priority Mail for U.S. residents
- all Canada and multiple orders will ship USPS Priority Mail
- all international orders will ship USPS Priority Mail International
- all shipments over 30lbs will ship UPS Ground

Originals: The original Mixed-Media paintings are created with the use of ball-point pen, aerosol spraypaint, acrylics, sponge & water, notebook paper, marker ink, oils, watercolors and plywood.

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Vintage Fallen Comrades

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