Child's Play Chucky Slays Woody Woodpecker (Day 10 Inktober)
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Child's Play Chucky Slays Woody Woodpecker (Day 10 Inktober Sketch)

Print of Inktober pen drawing by Tai.

Prints: are high resolution scans of the orignal drawing and printed with high-quality color gamut pigment inks on fine art paper.

- artist signed & open-edition series
- sealed in a clear sleeve with a recycled archival backboard.

Shipping & Ordering Info:

- packaged in a sealed clear archival sleeve with an acid-free, recycled backing board.
- Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. In most cases it'll arrive within 3-4 business days.
- single orders will ship USPS First Class Mail for U.S.
- all Canada and multiple orders will ship USPS Priority Mail
- all international orders will ship USPS Priority Mail International

The original ballpoint pen sketch was on archival 11x14 white chipboard as part of ArtByTai's 2017 Inktober event.

For the 31 days of October 2017, Tai sketched a new Halloween-themed midnight of each day, the sketch went up for auction at the ArtByTai eBay store

The starting bid for the original sketch started at $75 with a 'buy it now' price of $350...each auction lasted 3 days...

...most collectors of ArtByTai realize his original drawings range from $1k - $15k....granted, these were quicker, less detailed sketches, but originals sketches none-the-less, of which he rarely offers for purchase...but every once in a while Tai enjoys offering an opportunity, as a sign of appreciation, for collectors to get an original from him at an exclusively lower price...

The Original: The original sketch was created by Tai with ballpoint pen for his 2017 Inktober event.


Inktober theme schedule:

1-Jack Skellington

2-Scream Ghostface

3-Jason Vorhees

4-Mike Myers

5-Leather Face

6-IT clown


8-Freddy Krueger

9-George A. Romero zombie


11-Ghostbusters Slimer

12-Corpse Bride




16-5 Nights at Freddy's

17-Phantom of Opera

18-Little Shop of Horrors

19-Pin Head


21-Classic Skeleton, Pumpkin, Black Cat

22-Hannibal Lecter




26-Evil Dead


28-The VVitch

29-Charlie Brown Zombies

30-Grim Reaper

31-Legend Demon

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Child's Play Chucky Slays Woody Woodpecker (Day 10 Inktober)

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